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wig fitting

When you begin to lose your hair from chemotherapy or another medical treatment or condition, it can be devastating. You may be worried that you won't be able to find a wig that looks right on you and is at a price that fits your budget. This is where we shine. We are Wig Studio and we offer some of the most affordable wigs on the market today. We don't sacrifice style; our wigs are designed by the top designers and we offer a wig fitting by one of our experts in our store. Visit our store during our convenient business hours to view some of the terrific wigs we have for sale. If those times don't work, we also offer appointments during after hours and can be flexible with your schedule. Our store has provided wigs to clients throughout the Fort Worth metro area, including towns such as Granbury, TX, and Arlington.
The owner of Wig Studio, Libby, has been in the hair styling industry for more than 51 years and she has shared her knowledge and experience with the entire team. For more than 11 years, she has focused her business on wigs, so we could become the best wig providers in the area. We go above and beyond to ensure that each of our clients receives a wig they can be proud to wear. We don't want you to be unhappy, so we won't stop until you are completely satisfied with your purchase. It is our commitment to customer service that makes Wig Studio stand out from the rest.
To view an excellent selection of affordable wigs, you must take a look at what we have at Wig Studio. We will provide you with a wig fitting to make sure that any wig you buy fits correctly onto your head. Visit our store in Fort Worth today; it's a quick trip from Granbury, Burleson, and the larger region.

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